About Major Woody


Having lived an alternative lifestyle for most of my life, I became highly experienced in BDSM techniques and activities through both study with professionals in medicine, psychology, counseling, coaching, and training. I have  been a confidential counselor, coach and trainer for the curious, the novice, and the experienced who need the trustworthy hands, listening ears and creative mind of a Master at many kinds of activity called Kink or BDSM.

But the consideration of the person, their mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual needs always come first, with no judgement and equal treatment for all.

I am well traveled, multilingual and have lived in the Continental US, Latin America and Europe for extended periods of my life, where have enjoyed great (and unusual) sex and intense intimacy everywhere I have been. Because I want to make it work for you, to show you how to “do it well”, for your health, for your well being, for yourself.

Because I have honed my skills to satisfy my own curiosity and desires in these areas of psychological, physical and sexually charged BDSM activity, I am not an outsider who is looking to take advantage of anyone who comes to me, but rather your engaged coach and trainer who already “knows the ropes.” 

I began this journey in the Leather lifestyle scene of New York City’s post-Stonewall gay West Village starting in the 1970’s, going on to relish the era of the Mineshaft and social/sexual experimentation. Surviving the AIDS crisis of the 1980’s, regularly attending The Hellfire Club, The Lure, The Eagle other clubs catering to the scene and participating in the Gay Male SM Activists organization’s trainings and The Eulenspiegel Society in New York City in the 1990’s inspired me to show others how to be mindful, careful, safe and healthy at BDSM play.

As the past two decades has seen sexual health and living a sexually honest life come into public focus, I offer you my experience and support to lead you in your journey of sexual exploration into BDSM, whether you are gay, bi, straight, curious, trans, non-binary fluid or curious. I want to help you find not just immediate pleasure but greater connection, understanding and acceptance of yourself. 

My journey in this brings me deeper into self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-discovery and a more complete ME, physically, mentally, spiritually. It has helped me identify and find a community of similarly-directed people, worldwide, to end my sense of being alone and without support in the world. You deserve that as well.

IF YOU WANT TO GO DEEPER: I will apply the strong principles and practices of neo-Tantra combined with BDSM, to make this experiment in your sexual training come from not just your body’s urges and your mind and heart’s desires, but the soul of who you are and who you want to become.

You will see in my FAQ that I do not use alcohol or mood-altering substances, not just during our time together in scene sessions but 24/7. I maintain situational awareness of myself and my surroundings at all times. I stay vigilant of your reactions as I take control of your experience during every session. 

For every session:

I follow the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) principles, and will work with you using the Yellow and Red safe words. If you  have chosen to be unable to speak, we will pre-arrange to use a system of taps or other physical signals to indicate your desire to pause and reflect or stop instantly any training action.

Yellow (one tap or one hand raise) is your signal to me that you are getting close to your limit. I will acknowledge your signal.

Red (two taps or both hands raised) means STOP. I will respond immediately by STOPPING any action carefully, and check in with you.

Post event there will be an arranged check-in within 24-48 hours (email, text, phone signal, as discretion requires).