“Train Me, Sir”

Training in Kink/BDSM 

Business may not mix with pleasure, but you deserve to know yourself and learn how to balance what you need with how you live. I’ll train you to find your place and balance your life in Kink to find health and happiness.

If you ask me to train you, you will accept the responsibility of following rules of conduct and, in consideration of the training you receive, you may elect to choose from a variety of options below:

THE HALF-HOUR CONSULT: (FREE): Meet with me online, safely and observing social distancing, to ask your questions, and to let me know your goals and desires. I will also ask about your health, your experience, your blockers and your constraints. We will discuss fees and responsibilities, and you can ask me (nearly) anything to guide you in your decision to commit to training.

In-person consultation over coffee: Meet me for a half-hour in a public setting for a private conversation as an introduction. This is typically done in professional business clothing or comfortable clothing fit for meeting a friend at a coffee shop. I will ask questions regarding your health (including concerns that may affect our interaction), your interests, and your availability, in order for me to prepare a following session or a longer training program for you. You may decide right then and there to come under my guiding hands, but you decide if you need “SIR” or “MASTER” or “Obi Wan Kenobi” to guide you.


Currently all sessions are to be pre-arranged either at a client’s site or another facility. Facility fees are to be prepaid by the client. I can make appropriate arrangements for the training location, including equipment, based on cost, availability and proximity to the client.

At-home sessions or at commercial facilities: In order to maintain privacy and confidentiality, I will arrive in commercial business attire, unless otherwise desired. If carrying equipment, it will be transported or shipped in nondescript shipping/travel containers.

Session fees: 

  • one hour: $225.00 (for an in-person session requiring little preparation and no post-activity breakdown of equipment)
  • 1 1/2 hour: $300.00 (to allow for setup  and breakdown of equipment)
  • 2 hours: $400.00 (most popular: set up, warm up, cool down/aftercare, clean up and breakdown of equipment)
  • 3 hours: $550.00 (for couples, advanced activities)

All equipment transport and non-public transportation fees will be pre-determined and require pre-payment. Session fees due upon arrival.

Visually guided Training: Online available

All equipment transport and non-public transportation fees will be pre-determined and require pre-payment.

Longer sessions (over 4 hours), Long-distance travel sessions: please request with 14-day advance notice minimum for availability and fees.

Payment arrangements all discussed in privacy and many options available for easy and discreet prepayment. 

Major Woody LLC is a limited liability company registered in New York State.