Elementor #363

The Art of Handballing

Latex gloves for Handballing/Fisting PHOTO by @Elischmidtphoto


Handballing is another name for Fisting, or Fist Fucking. And another way to find physical sensual pleasure while making spiritual and emotional connections with others, if you like.

Here’s the short list of things you should consider, if you want to explore and enjoy this:


The day before, if possible, keep your diet light on heavy food that will slow down being prepared to fully enjoy. In particular, watch out for small seeds (as in some berries) and other “rough” roughage. Fiber supplements are great, the stuff from the supermarket is fine to get your cleanse going.

  1. Prepare, physically: If you are intending on receiving anything to go into you via your anus (yes, your butthole or whatever you want to call it), be washed out, clean, and prepared to receive. Simply put, it’s for your health, for your partner(s) health, and for safety as well to avoid injury. For most, it also will avoid embarrassment, and lower anxiety about being presentable and even desirable to others. Wash out or douche calmly, typically at least an hour ahead if you can to be ready to go and not have too much water…but wet is better than not! (More on this to come)
  2. Prepare, mentally and emotionally: Be ready to talk about what you are doing, what you want to do, what you can do, and make this an exploration, not a competition or simply a life-changing challenge. Building up and carrying performance anxiety will NOT get you looser (not even with drugs added). 
  3. BREATHE. Practice meditative, full-body, calming breathing NOW. And before you start. And DURING. Breathing will keep you focused, keep your energy going (even the energy you need to relax your body) and help you get to where you want to go. BREATHE before you OPEN UP.


Even if you want to play rough or feel “forced”, if you are receiving you still control the situation. Therefore, you are inviting me, another Top, or a toy, in. Forcing can  cause damage to your body and to the rest of you. Set up a situation where you know you have control over your body, finally, and then you can relax into giving it up to pleasure.


This kind of play is all done in the dark: we can’t see what’s going on inside once something passes in, so it’s up to you to know where it’s going and what it’s doing. Know your anatomy, look up pictures to see what’s where, and communicate to your partner what’s happening. SAME THING GOES FOR TOPPING: you should know how big, wide, etc the toys, hands, etc are that you’re putting inside, the shape of it, and where the ‘good spots’ are to give your partner pleasure. They are different not only from person to person (physiologically or from anal fisting and vaginal fisting) but change depending on if you are using right hand, left hand, if the receiver is on their back or knees, etc.