For Pleasure… or Punishment

You may find pleasure through what many consider extreme physical activity, or you need to be trained to release and be your submissive self.  That is why I am here for you. I understand this need, and I can help you accept and fulfill it.

Here are the activities we can discuss, however local laws may prohibit the direct interaction vs discussion:

  • ANAL SEX: HANDBALLING/FISTING – learning to achieve profound ANAL ORGASMS, DEEP BODY ORGASMS, and experience opening and widening, receiving tantric energy from skilled hands guiding you there. Offered for the beginner to the most experienced, starting from non-penetration to your natural limits of width and depth, avoiding use of heavy drugs. 
  • Hypnosis – Used for training by focusing your thinking, exposing yourself safely or where you are not able to be physically in the dangerous situations you want to experiment, or enhancing your activities by guiding your mind.
  • Dom/Sub scene and role play, with or without fetish wear (cosplay, leather, rubber, uniform, boot and shoe worship, etc.)
  • Bondage and Restraints (rope, tape, cuffs, leather and other devices)
  • Forced stimulation while in restraints
  • Sensory deprivation (under observation)
  • Male Chastity
  • Impact Play, from OTK (Over the Knee) Spanking, open handed/Spanking with the Belt and other implements to:
    • Whipping
    • Caning
    • Paddle
    • Flogging
  • TT/CBT
  • Electrostim, electro play
  • Sounds
  • DARK TANTRA – sexual touch rooted in eastern spiritual practices and philosophy
For health and safety I do not include: piercing, “edge play” (choking, breath play, simulated suffocation), use of instruments or weapons that may easily break the skin or bones, unsanitary play (“scat” or fecal play). Certain activities carry some health risks where you will be asked to have your own personal “kits” purchased to avoid the spread of infection. I can store and safeguard these items for your personal use only between sessions.
I work with adults of any sexual self-identification; CIS Male/Female, FTM/MTF, non-binary/gender fluid. I am interested in giving you the safety and freedom to be yourself, fully present and your honest self, for our session.

Scenes may be created with and without direct physical contact between us.

All activity is offered following guidelines recommended as defining healthy, consensual BDSM sexual practices including:

Appropriate respect to maintain individual’s rights to privacy, awareness and modifications of all engagement to account for any medical conditions (mental or physical) where harm may result, access to proper medical attention as required, 

Establishing guidelines through conversation (which may lead to written non-binding agreements for clarity and openness of intent and purpose)

Safe sex practices and other guidelines regarding social distancing and other health safety rules established to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Pre-established Safe Word (to be used by either participant at any time)
  • Roles, rules, limits and play to be discussed/reviewed and agreed upon prior to each engagement
  • Permission to end any and all engagement at any time during a session with no punishment of any kind afterwards
  • Check-ins post activity required as part of the engagement (typically 24-48 hours afterwards)
Please refer to the following research article on consensual BDSM Sex (Source: Current Psychology, Springer, 2013