Contact the Major


Maintaining your PRIVACY, DISCRETION and SAFETY is the first rule in my code of conduct.

The information you provide here, by phone, text or IN PERSON will only be received and read by me only. All our interactions are private and kept confidential between you and me. 

You may reach me by phone or text at +1 929-888-4423. 

You may contact me via WhatsApp or Telegram at +1 929-888-4423. 

You may DM me through Twitter @MajorWoody7x8, or Instagram @major_woody. 

You can find me on RECON as Major Woody.

You can watch my videos on

I will answer as quickly as possible, usually within 12-24 hours. Although it might appear that I am “available” or “online”, please understand that I too am engaged in daily life with an irregular schedule between work and personal time that doesn’t follow a traditional 9-5, 40-hour work week pattern.

I may have short conversations with you about sex and this lifestyle, but they are not substitutions for formally arranged training or coaching sessions. Interest, boundaries, respect and consent (on both sides!) will be the guiding principles of all of our communication and interaction. When we are in a formal session, you will know I am completely in charge and you will have all of my attention!

Expect me to ask you many if not all of the questions below before we meet. I have no tolerance for asking me for pictures of me endlessly, asking for phone sex as a sample, or if I can supply recreational drugs.